About Michelle

I begged my parents to give me a camera when I was 13, this ended up being a 110 film camera - I still have a few of the negatives somewhere, they were barely more than a centimeter high! It took disposable flashes that attached to the top of the camera, sometimes they worked, mostly they didn't.

As soon as I could afford it I bought myself a Carl Zeiss SLR, it still works and the glass is amazing! And so began my love of photography. Uni, tons of workshops and many years of Camera Club has allowed me to turn my passion into a career.

These days the technology is obsolete so quickly, I am onto my 6th DSLR since 2000.

I am so very grateful that I am able to create amazing art for families to keep all the most precious moments alive for generations to come.

I am 45, a nan to three beautiful children, a mum to my 2 girls, and a wife to the sweetest guy. I have lots of brothers and sisters, friends and family. These are the important parts of life and I understand exactly how blessed I am!

Kanoona Studio is Derek Gillions who takes care of our videgraphy, Bella who assists me and Narelle Irving who is slowly becoming an integrated part of the studio operations.

Michelle Armour