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Maternity sessions enable you to capture the very temporary shape of your body as you begin the greatest of life's journey. They can be as revealing or conservative as you would like. We have lots of wraps, pants and bras at the studio so you won't have to buy anything, you can include your partner if you wish. Shoots are $50 for the session booking fee, prints start at $80.

If you would like further information give the studio a call to see if your date is available.
0429 191953 or 02 6492 6490 or send an email to info@michellearmour.com

Email or use the contact form for more information

Birth Photography

Birth Photography documents the most important day. We hire professionals for days we think are important but it isn't until you hold your precious baby that you realise they are what makes your life have meaning

Birth Photography packages start at $500 this includes the time taking the images at Bega hospital and a slide show of images to play on your TV or computer. Services are also available at Cooma and Moruya hospitals

Birth photography is a bit different as you can't necessarily book ahead for a particular time. This means Michelle has to be on call, sometimes for a few weeks. Sometimes babies arrive too quickly. We will change some bookings for a birth, however we cannot change a wedding booking if a birth happens when the wedding is booked. It isn't that a wedding is more important, it is simply that it is more predictable. In this case it will be up to the mum if she would like a replacement photographer or if she would like a refund. Michelle will of course arrive as soon as she can and get first 24 hour images if we miss a birth. Our busiest wedding months are February, March and October November.

The birth journey of baby Luke from Michelle Armour on Vimeo.

Newborn Photography

We just love babies! Newborn sessions are best between 7 and 10 days, this is when you get the curled up sleeping baby poses. Ideally we time the shoot for you to arrive at the studio when baby is hungry, holding them off as long as you can, then you feed bubby as full as you can so they become very sleepy. Once they are asleep we very carefully arrange them for a variety of shots. Every care is taken with your precious baby, we use composite shots to ensure your baby is safe at all times, this is very important as there are some photographers out there who may put your baby in harms way because they do not know how to do it safely or do not have the photoshop skills to make the composites believable. We do not do poses where the babies legs are brought forward twisting the hip joint, we can get plenty of great shots without risking dislocation of your babies hips.

We start with some images with mum and dad, then you relax while we take styled images of your baby. We are in the process of writing a book on baby photography and so we are currently, for a limited time, offering newborn sessions as a gift to new parents, including a $100 print credit to purchase images of your choice. If you miss the cut off time we can still get some great images, the session fee is $50.

If you have a C section we may be able to travel to your home to help you to also have newborn images if you are not up to getting to our studio, we can also extend the availability of the session until your baby is 21 days old. We do understand it can be hard for new mums to get to the studio, we try to make it as easy as possible by having basic supplies on hand, including nappies, wipes etc, as well as providing ammenities. You will be entering a very baby and mum friendly zone. Download a voucher.

Babies First Year

Babies grow so fast you won't believe how quickly time will fly

To help you have wonderful images to remember your baby we offer a baby program service.

The baby program shows the way your baby develops over their first year. We do a shoot at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year, then you choose your favourite image from each session to be printed and framed in a collection frame. All this for just $99.

Don't let your babies first year pass by without professional images, at such a small cost it would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity to get a great wall art piece for such a small investment.